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submit to reddit is offering 3% rebates on current and future Products.

Rebate Payment through The 3% Kncminer rebate are paid in 2 steps , We transfer 1% to you through after you completed the purchase and 2% more when kncminer delivered your miner.

or Rebate Payment with Bitcoin 3% rebate send when miner delivered.

Available ! >> Litecoin Titan Second Batch $210 rebate link<<

Available ! >> Litecoin Titan Mini Second Batch $120 rebate link<<

Available ! >> Neptune Third batch $180 rebate link<<

Available ! >> Neptune Mini Third batch $100 rebate link<<

Neptune Second Batch $300 rebate - Not available - Sold Out

Titan First Batch $300 rebate - Not available - Sold Out

Titan Mini First Batch $150 rebate - Not available - Sold Out

If we don't have rebates for any of selling products inform us by email at

Here the details:
How does it work?

1) Purchase 1 or more Miners through our link(s):
>> Buy Kncminer Titan Link <<
>> Buy Kncminer Neptune Link <<
(you purchase directly from KNC Miner. We are not an intermediary. Link(s) just opens KNC website and sends them our reseller-id automatically)

2) When your order status is
Paid Send us (3 things)
One# order ID of your purchase
Two# Order tracking code (located under your order ID)
Three# Paypal Payment email or Bitcoin Payment Address

3) We will confirm with KNCMiner that the order is paid with our reseller's id. Once confirmed ,

Rebate payment through we will transfer 1% to you through (order status: paid) and 2% more when delivered (order status: shipped),

Or Rebate Payment with bitcoin 3% rebate send when delivered (order status: shipped). Bitcoin exchange rate apply when order ship or you can request Bitcoin exchange rate when order is paid.

Important Notes:
- Cancellations for Rebate payment through If you decide to cancel your order and if KNCMiner refund your order. We expect you to issue refund on the same rebate transaction to send the rebate money back to us through .

-FAQ : If you purchased and paid without using our rebate link , To fix this you can send request to to request your order credit with our reseller ID 212 . After kncminer credit your order with our reseller ID 212 you can send us rebate request.

-FAQ : It doesn't matter how you pay for your miner(s) by bank transfer , bitcoin , litecoin or etc. As long as we are getting reseller credict for your purchases by you clicking on our reseller link to arrive at . When your order status is paid you select one of the two choices of how you want to receive your rebate payment.

Thanks you!