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Exchange Rate 1LTC = $95.95
Difficulty increment 3.812%
Miner Cost $1,460
Hashrate 110,000 Kilohash per second
Electricity cost per day $1.08
Estimate start mining date Jan-13-2018
DuringBitcoin per dayRevenue per dayIncome per daydifficulty total daytotal LTC total Income amount to break even
Jan-13-18 - Jan-15-180.015 LTC$1.44$0.363,676,0433 days0.05LTC$1.09$-1458.91
Jan-16-18 - Jan-18-180.0145 LTC$1.39$0.313,816,1746 days0.09LTC$2.02$-1457.98
Jan-19-18 - Jan-21-180.014 LTC$1.34$0.263,961,6469 days0.13LTC$2.8$-1457.2
Jan-22-18 - Jan-24-180.0135 LTC$1.29$0.214,112,66412 days0.17LTC$3.44$-1456.56
Jan-25-18 - Jan-27-180.013 LTC$1.24$0.164,269,43915 days0.21LTC$3.93$-1456.07
Jan-28-18 - Jan-30-180.0125 LTC$1.2$0.124,432,19018 days0.25LTC$4.28$-1455.72
Jan-31-18 - Feb-02-180.012 LTC$1.15$0.074,601,14521 days0.28LTC$4.5$-1455.5
Feb-03-18 - Feb-05-180.0116 LTC$1.11$0.034,776,54124 days0.32LTC$4.59$-1455.41
Feb-06-18 - Feb-06-180.0112 LTC$1.07$-0.01
Electricity Cost
more than Revenue
4,958,62325 days0.33LTC$4.58$-1455.42

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