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Bitcoin Minging Calculator
Exchange Rate 1BTC = $14171.39
Difficulty increment 7.72%
Miner Cost $450
Hashrate 4,860 Gigahash per second
Electricity cost per day $2.78
Estimate start mining date Jan-13-2018
DuringBitcoin per dayRevenue per dayIncome per daydifficulty total daytotal BTC total Income amount to break even
Jan-13-18 - Jan-20-180.0015 BTC$21.77$18.991,590,896,927,2588 days0.01BTC$151.9$-298.1
Jan-21-18 - Feb-02-180.0014 BTC$20.21$17.431,713,714,170,04221 days0.03BTC$378.47$-71.53
Feb-03-18 - Feb-07-180.0013 BTC$18.76$15.981,846,012,903,97026 days0.04BTC$458.36$8.36